Keep them squares out your circle.
Your own friend could be the one to murk you.
My mind is in a different place.
Look at my face,
I'm out of place but still here.
Can never be rich,
If all you do is destroy and never build.
I'm toning up, still got a skinny build.
When I pray at night,

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It's for those lost in the field.
Missing in action, leaving somebody heart cut in half like a fraction...
Ugh. Was going to go further but I think I said enough, I'm done. If you ever doubted me please look me in the eyes when I speak I'm the one. Like the number before 2. I'm only here for you... Now read my words.
Much more effective thing to do with my mind than slang birds.
Chickens in the coup
Men on the stoop
Movin sack by sack.
Now they gone,
Somebody asking the lord send em back.
Somebody cut in half. Like a fraction.