Tales from Summer School--Worksheets

Z decided to take biology in summer school. Since science doesn’t seem to be his thing, he thought making it his sole focus this summer was smart. The problem is, Z HATES going to summer school. The whole idea of getting up early and reading and writing is wearing on him.

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He tells me these funny stories like this one:

Z: Mom, I told TJ I was taking biology in summer school so I can take journalism during the year, and he looked at me like I was crazy. He said I should take CPR instead for an easy "A."

Or this one about worksheets:

Z: I like the worksheet teaching method.

K: Death by worksheet.

Z: Yeah. I like it. Just give me a worksheet, one after the other, and I'll do it. It's easy.

K: Are you learning anything?

Z: I think so, but the worksheet method wouldn't work in math. I'd get buried. The teacher lectures from about 9 slides and then she gives a worksheet. I was zipping through them today. (K looks incredulous.)

Seriously, Mom. I returned from break 5 minutes early to complete a sheet and to get ready for the others.

K: During break what do you talk to *Keith about? Science? Catholic High?

Z: No, we talk about how much we don't want to be [in summer school]. Every day one kid asks if he can have his money back.

This summer I think Z and I have both learned a lesson about how hard work really is.

*Keith is a pseudonym.