Shooting for becoming elite

Football has been an amazing experience for me. This is the first thing I have ever tried something new that I knew I would be frowned upon at first for. I knew when I started that if I worked, I could be good at it. I’ve become good at playing receiver but now all I can think about is becoming great. I’ve learned from the #10 receiver in the nation. He will continue to teach me the art of playing receiver. I feel very blessed by God to have picked up the game this quickly and to have someone to teach me to become elite.

I desperately desire to be elite at everything I do. I expect it from myself and the people around me expect it as well. In August, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had never played before. I was fundamentally weak. I was considered deadweight in the eyes of some. Towards the end of August, after training camp, I began to pick up the game much better. My improvement started the most once school started. In the month of September, I saw an exponential increase in my skill level.

By October, everything was routine. Working on skills every single day molded me and improved me in the art of playing receiver. Now at the end of October, I’m focused on becoming great and playing on Varsity. Next year I’m shooting for becoming elite. It will be a grind, but I’m determined to make it to the next level. ~ZJ

Editor's Note: I'm so proud of you, Z.