What have I been reading?

I have had a memoir fest lately. Two books that couldn’t differ more stand out:

Hartzler, Aaron. Rapture Practice: A True Story.  

This book made me laugh and nod my head because I could relate to Hartzler’s deeply religious family.

Knisley, Lucy. Relish.

Because it was a graphic novel, I left this book wishing I was in France eating the croissants I could see and almost smell. I’m not the cooking type, but I was in the kitchen **baking cupcakes and pies for weeks after reading this book. I was kind of mad at Knisley for not putting a gingerbread recipe in it.

I’m weird.
I know.

You can find my reviews of both books in VOYA.

*I am limited in terms of  the number of things I can cook.