Exam Week and the Importance of Class Discussions

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SO… it is exam week folks. Exam week means that its time for pointless TV watching, excruciating procrastination, and lots of “studying.”

I say studying with quotations because it’s very hard to focus on studying and looking at the same sheets of paper over and over again because we have so much free time.

I’m often distracted by thoughts of the summer approaching and what I’m going to do with ALL that time I’m gonna have.

Then I realize… I’m going to have to do community service almost every day. I have to acquire 100 hours of community service before senior year to graduate. I’m about to be a junior so my mom wants me to start doing more now so I don’t have to do community service like every single day of my senior year which I frankly don’t have time for which is why I still have like 90 hours left to complete right now.

I laughed as I typed that because I know I have been pretty lazy and missed more then a few opportunities at community service over my first two years of high school. Oh well.

Now back to the exams, I think I’ve done pretty well on a few, but some I didn’t feel very good about.

Spanish 2 was definitely a toss up. I’m not sure what I did in there.  It was pretty hard.

Theology was really easy and I’m pretty sure I got an A.

Then there was my Geometry exam. I think I did all right with that one.

Today, I took my World History II exam and I’m pretty sure I got an A or B on that one too. Tomorrow is my last exam and its Honors English II. It should be pretty easy since its just all the tests again and I did pretty good on those.

In the first half of school I couldn’t really focus as much in class because I had some clowns around me but in the second half of school my schedule changed, and I got put into a different bell of Honors and I made As in both quarters this past semester.

I also did better in class conversations because there were people that I did not know as well as the students in my other class, so I almost felt more open, if you will, to talk about and say whatever I wanted to say about something during class discussion.

Participation in class discussions makes tests and quizzes so much easier because you’re involved in conversations that make it easier to remember answers because your head was already in the game way ahead of time during class discussion.