Football Focus: Scrimmage

Last week we had camp for football, which was pretty good. The only bad thing was that I had to miss all of the morning practices because of summer school, but I rushed to camp right after summer school every day. We had 3 practices a day, and we worked incredibly hard to get ready for the scrimmage that we had at the end of the week. We had a good time enjoying each other’s company and chilling and stuff between practices leading up to the scrimmage.
The scrimmage was at 10 am and a lot of people from my school and other schools came out to support us. We did pretty well, but we could’ve done better. Our offensive timing was a little off, but our defense was excellent. We were a much better team than they were, and we didn’t show it as much on offense as we could have.
I did well during the scrimmage. I caught one pass that was 20+ yards and I had one or two catches. It felt good to play in front of friends and family for the first time since last season. ~~Z