Z's Back & He's Aged!

Recently, my birthday passed.
I turned 16 years old.
I had a pretty good birthday.
Football Dreams
I went to the ODU-Howard game and it was pretty nice to see a college game in person. I hope one day I’ll be able to play on that level and be out on the field instead of in the stands. It was exciting to be there, but the game wasn’t that great because ODU throttled Howard. We left in the third quarter.
Birthday Gifts
For my birthday, I got some money from my mom and I got a big dock/stereo for ipods and iphones from my dad. I bought a new visor for football with some of the money I got from my mom, and I bought Grand Theft Auto V. This game is so fun and addictive. I could play for hours if I didn’t have anything to do. In fact, if I wasn’t writing this and doing homework after I finished typing this, I’d probably be playing now. It’s really intense and the storyline is like a movie. It’s that in­-depth. I’m probably going to play it for 90% of this weekend with the exception of when I watch Michigan play Connecticut.
Michigan Football
Michigan kind of worried me last week by almost losing to Akron, but we ended up pulling out the victory due to my prayers on that last play.
It felt like I was watching a loved one get executed.
It was torture waiting for that last snap to decide the game,
but I felt so relieved when we got the win. 


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