Response to Godchild at ODU's Lit. Fest

Sitting in the dark wondering like what is life?
I guess it's different seen through different eyes
Graduated to different lies searching to seek a different truth
In pain, in chains, is how I spent most of my youth
Scars on my body right here for proof
I've seen what drugs do
And other vices
Are my devices
Otherwise known as my disguises
Seen a man named Godchild perform
When I arrived on campus only thing on my mind was shacking up with my girl in a dorm
But I left with something more
An intensified voice
Right then I made a choice
To go further
To go farther
And if not then why bother?
In the great words of Sean Carter
May this be the new document
More monumental then the magna carta
Only long distance relationship I have is with my father
Atlanta is my second home
That's my second stomping ground
I really should explore more than what's outside my corridor
Or my four door
Or my thoughts galore
Think outside the box
Create something nobody can top
My dignity nobody can rob
I guess I could slam dunk if you just throw the lob
Always been clean as ever
Couldn't handle being a slob
Or a bum
I get dressed and my women like
"Job well done"
Less stress and more fun.
It’s becoming a formality to have casualties getting used to abnormal normality’s
in the war that is life
Not in search of a trophy wife
But a companion for life
That won't look down on me if they see me cry
But be there to hold me through strife
So much backstabbing
like who handed u the knife
I'll touch hell twice
And still come out unscathed
I work hard because I know my path is unpaved
And my kind is newly free
We were just slaves
So that makes it a struggle
With my family in a huddle
standing in a puddle
Of our own tears
Love conquered our old fears
Disconnections with old peers
Our talents brought along cheers
From a crowd of people who once saw us as less than
Like it's an integer, math problem
But Division is our issue but it's no way to solve em
Bullets pierce my skin.
But I got a hot revolver
Loyalty is rare my
Cuz when you down, you'll see that
They don't even care
You all alone
And they not even there