I can't wait to blow up

I can't wait to blow up

The success can be something to hold on to

When there's no person for me to hold onto, it can be the recognition I get from ppl i don't even know

But we all know how this story ends I get what I want and realize its not everything

Sometimes I sit down and I just thank god for the canvas I been given to paint on

Wasting talent, that's just plain wrong.

And then he tell me through other people's actions ... That I havent done a thing to be cocky about

But then I be like I'm going to get it

I hustle 25/8...

Trynna get my cousins and my moms straight

It's in my blood I feel it running through every vein

A small taste of success..

It could never solve my hunger pains

Steal the food off your plate if necessary

All my closest shall ride for me

If I'm ever found dead right
after they put me in that cemetery

My thoughts are that of a visionary

I see your past in your eyes

Everything so clear

You live free die hard

What's a life without fear?

The answer to that question is a fast one.

Still see hope in your eyes.

You hope I'm better than your last one.

Heart broken and I see you still got a cast on.

Taking mental pictures and i got my flash on.

They say life is just a snapshot

May my flame never go out .. May I remain hot.

I'm glad you found me x marks the spot.

Life's a gamble

So I'm gon play the slots

That's what you get for waking up in Vegas

Zoning playin my weekend playlist.

no comment..

Like a right angle

I'm bent

Air condition flow

I vent

You something different, heaven sent..

It's 2 am in the morning

Usually depressed in these moments, usually this is the mourning

Like a dream died..

Look in my eyes.

When I talk to you.

Listen to God's voice..

When he talk to you..

When he talk to you..