Response to "Addiction" by Helen Fisher

Editor's note: Z.J. wrote the response below for an assignment.

   The response I chose was written by Helen Fisher, who is a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University. She is the author of a book entitled Why Him? Why Her? How to Find and Keep Lasting Love. Her response was about addiction. She wishes that the idea of addiction would be broadened from just drugs and alcohol and cover addictions to emotions. I believe her response is very valid and makes perfect sense. Her response especially appealed to me because it is interesting and I’ve thought of the very same thing she is talking about in this response.  People never mention the addictions to sex, gambling, and love or the feeling of being loved but they are just as relevant as the addictions to drugs and alcohol.

   Fisher feels that these addictions aren’t being mentioned enough and being represented in the same way that drugs and alcohol are. Dugs and alcohol are widely considered negative addictions and the addictions that aren’t related to them don’t really receive a negative or positive connotation.  She says that people will do crazy things for love just as they would for the drugs and alcohol, which is absolutely true. People become addicted to other people once they fall in love with them. How many times have we heard that metaphor in a song and thought “whatever, it’s just a metaphor” when in actuality it is the real truth? We are addicted to the person we love because if we were not, we would not devote the time and effort we devote to them. We would give up on them when they made us upset. We would easily be able to forget all the feelings we had for the person we’re “in love” with. This response really piqued my interest and I found it very entertaining. ~~Z.J.

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