What Should We Be Worried About?

A response to Brian Eno's response by Z.J.

"We Don't Do Politics" is by Brian Eno, who is an artist, composer and a producer who has produced for famous bands like U2 and Coldplay. Eno writes about the neglect of politics in America and how many people are content with just saying “they don’t do politics” and leaving it at that. Eno uses lots of similes and rhetorical questions. For example, Eno says, “Most of the smart people I know want nothing to do with politics. We avoid it like the plague—like Edge avoids it, in fact. Is this because we feel that politics isn't where anything significant happens?” He uses both a simile and a rhetorical question right at the beginning of his response. 

     Eno’s claim is that politics is the reason for most of America’s issues, yet we say that we don’t do politics. He makes that phrase [we don’t do politics] seem very ignorant because he provides many examples of things that were “a result of” politics.  He brings up the issues of gay marriage, the banks ruining the economy, and stem cell research, just to name a few. All of those have a lot to do with politics, yet this country still has so many people that say they “don’t do politics” and that they don’t vote to try and make the change that they so often complain about not being there. More people should realize that they ARE the change. They are politics, whether they like it or not.