Where is Z?

In Summer School
So, I recently started summer school and I hate it.
Chemistry is so boring and I hate waking up early every day, but it will pay off when I end up with a good grade and a free bell during school.
A free bell really helps because it gives you a chance to do homework or just chill and do nothing, which is pretty awesome.
Chemistry gets better every day because I’m getting to know the people in there better and better every day. They’re pretty funny. That’s pretty much the most enjoyable thing about the class because I don’t like science, or the crazy amount of work we have every single day. It’s kind of annoying actually, but I’ll get over it.

My bad I haven’t written in a while.


In Atlanta

I went to visit my dad two weeks ago and forgot to write, and then last week I just got lazy, but no worries I’m back now to give you a recap of what happened.

I went to Atlanta, came home, did nothing but play football, and then started school.

There you have it!


I had a good time in Atlanta and I got to spend time with my little sister, who I hadn’t seen in a while. She’s 4 and she gets very excited when I come, but she tries to pretend like she isn’t sometimes.
She’s not very good at it though, because she follows me EVERYWHERE. If I didn’t lock the bathroom, she’d probably go in there too.

 I also got to spend time with my dad so everything went well down there and I enjoyed it.