Football has been going great

Football has been going great. Our team has been competing really well with other schools at 7 on 7. I’ve caught three touchdowns so far this summer and my most recent one was just Wednesday at Ocean Lakes High School passing league that is held every Wednesday.
We went 5-0 that night including a win over the host and one of the best teams in the state, Ocean Lakes.
We’ve really surprised  a lot of people and gained a lot of buzz this summer from the paper to Recruit
People are paying a lot more attention to us than they used to which is great for the program and could eventually be a great thing for me.
I’m really excited about the direction that we as a team are going, and myself personally. We’re in a good position to go out this fall and win a state championship, and I’m really excited to put pads on and play real football again.
I miss that feeling.
My short term dream is to win a state championship and have that ring on my finger and be like stars in the school. We need to tighten up on defense and we need a few more linemen, but we have all the weapons on offense to get the job done and put huge numbers up on the board.