Draper’s Biggest Fans

Za’id finished first, but I finally finished Just Another Hero a few weeks ago.

It was interesting because the book reached a point where I couldn't put it down. It happened when Arielle came home and discovered Chad had deserted them. Once I got to that point, I didn't even want to stop reading long enough to go the bathroom. I liked the mystery element and guessed wrong about the thief. When I discussed this with Za'id he said he just decided to join the bandwagon and think it was Eddie like everyone else did. I said, "Yeah, that's what the author wanted us to think, but I knew it had to be someone unsuspecting so I chose Rosa." Za’id was so excited about the book that he wanted to e-mail Ms. Draper his opinions. Here’s what he wrote:

Ms. Draper, the book is an excellent piece of literature. It made me want to read the other two books again. Chadwick Kensington O'Neil is so not cool. Keep up the good work. Can you do another book based on the college years? It can have sections and tell readers what the characters are doing in college.

Here is my Wishlist:
Roscoe should have had at least one of his own sections of the book.
More of Jericho would have been nice.

Thanks, Za'id

Now we will wait for Out of My Mind (Atheneum 2010).