Za'id's Corner

American Hero

President Barack Obama has impacted my life in so many ways. He has
inspired me to be brave and take on any challenge that is set before me.
Mr. Obama may be the bravest black person of all time because he ran for
president and won the election. He may be braver than Rosa Parks or
Martin Luther King Jr. It is difficult to compare those three people
because they are not from the same time but they were all brave in their
own ways. They impacted America. They impacted my life. All three of
them show me how to really be brave. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King
both stood up for their race and rights. Martin Luther King put the
entire race on his shoulders and carried them through the civil rights
movement of the 1960s. Rosa Parks was also a civil rights leader.

Mr. Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America. He
never quit working during the campaign to become president. He inspires
me because this presidency did not come easily. He had seemingly been
preparing for this his whole life. He went to school to get a degree in
law at Harvard. He is living proof that black people could do anything
if they try hard enough. His work ethic inspires me to work harder at my
weaker subjects to get better at them.

Barack Obama inspires me to handle criticism well. He didn't respond to
the negativity in the media during and after the campaign. During the
campaign, he was slandered by various television stations and radio
shows. After the campaign he continues to be criticized. On Friday, he
was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to cooperate with
other countries. More people seemed delighted by this in foreign
countries than in America. Despite his critics, he continues to
persevere. When I am being criticized, I will remain respectful and do

He has inspired me to donate money and time to people who need help. He
helped improve Chicago's community before he was president. Since he has
been president, he has given money and time to needy people in America.
Recently, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and he gave the 1.4 million
dollar prize money to charity.

President Obama makes me want to work harder to be the next generation
of black success and have kids in the 7th grade write about me. Martin
Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks would be proud of Barack. I know I am.