NCTE is Encouraging Writing Again

NCTE/Norman Mailer Writer’s Colony High School Writing Award for Creative Nonfiction

Norman Mailer produced extraordinary works in many genres, including the category of this year’s award: creative nonfiction. Students who will be seniors in fall 2010 may submit work in any of the many subgenres of creative nonfiction: memoir or autobiography, essay, literary journalism, profiles of people or places, and so on. Whatever its type, the best work will be true material presented with compelling literary merit. This year submissions will be accepted between February 1 and May 1. The top winner will receive a $5,000 cash award, with plaques and citations also awarded to national finalists and semifinalists.

Submission and Formatting Guidelines

Students may submit one or more pieces of writing for a total of up to 10 single-spaced pages, though quality is far more important than quantity. The writing you upload must include a title, your name, and page numbers within your file. Use a plain, common, and easily readable font, such as Times New Roman; 11 or 12-point only, please. Accepted file types: .pdf, .doc, .docx, and .txt (maximum file size: 8 megabytes). Submissions will be accepted online only and must be endorsed by a teacher and released by a parent or guardian.