Za'id's Corner

Life gets difficult in 7th grade. You miss being a little 5th grader going outside every day. Doing easy work. In 7th grade work piles up if you let it. You have to be organized and intelligent. I only have one of the two. Math genes are not passed down because I am not as good at math as my dad was.

In 7th grade, you have to study from the time you get home ‘til nightfall. 7th grade is a grind. 8th grade is going to suck even worse. Better get used to it. 8th grade speeches are going to be hectic. Imagine high school. Oh, boy! Juggling basketball, football, soccer and school. Something’s got to give and it looks like it will be soccer since my mom says she’s only buying used cleats from now own. Oh, wait, I need football cleats. Aww man it just doesn’t get better. I wish I was rich then I’d have a closet full of cleats and exclusive sneaks. Any who, 6th graders beware. 7th grade sucks.