Z & Dirty Little Secrets 2

1/17/10, 9:50pm

Z: MOM! Are you reading this book (Dirty Little Secrets by C.J. Omololu) too?

K: Yes.

Z: What page are you on?

K: 20, I think; the part where her mom could be dead.

Z: I’m past that. She is.
K: Gee, thanks.


Z: What page are you on?

K: 104.

Z: Mom, you cheated. You read on Fri. & Sat.

K: (Not knowing she was caught up in a reading race.) It’s not my fault you don’t read during the weekends.

Z: I’m about to smoke you tonight!


Z: What page are you on? (He spent the ride to school reading and is about to get out of the car.)

K: (K glances down at his open book.) I think you have me beat. I’m still at 6:00pm. (Each chapter has a time instead of a title.)

Z: (Insanely satisfied.) I do! I just finished 6:00pm.