Congratulations Haiku Contest Winners!!!!!!


Daejah Skinner
Grade 9

She no longer cares
Waiting for her time to leave
The light will open

Lisa Hillian

Modern Chrysanthemum

Deep root history
Pulling from inheritance
Trying to find home

Deborah Baxter

It is not allowed
For me to seek my freedom
In my mother’s house.

Honorable Mention

Tommy Zheng
Grade 9

I am An-Mei Hsu
There is a scar on my neck
Gift from my mother

Hannah Brein
Grade 6

Life is yet to come
Like in the forest, there's hope
One ray of sunlight

Special thanks to all of the writers, the teachers, and the judges, Sarah Stevenson and Jon Pineda.
The support of the faculty, administration, and staff in the Darden College of Education at Old Dominion University was invaluable.