So You Want to Write by Marge Piercy and Ira Wood

Yesterday I drove up to the Bayside Library Drive-thru window and gave the kind librarian the South Park DVD and the latest Usher CD that Z borrowed in exchange for a copy of the second edition of So You Want to Write: How to Master the Craft of Writing Fiction and Memoir by Marge Piercy and Ira Wood. I could not stop reading this book. As soon as I got home I started it. I stopped to Skype with a friend in Korea and then got back to it. I stopped to cook something for Z, call my nephew, and call my mom, and I went back to it. I sat in the parking lot with a flashlight while Z practiced basketball, missing the coach’s important message to parents afterward, because I was with Marge and Ira. I stayed up until 1:00am with them, but I can’t tell you a thing I learned. What made me want to read that book until I fell unconscious and it slipped through my fingers? What was I looking for? What did I find? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to get back to it.