July 19 at the SI

In the beginning of her presentation at the Summer Institute, Dr. Igloria had us do an activity that I know as 2 Truths and a Fib. I learned it while preparing to teach a content area course. The idea was to use the activity to help students think about what they read and then discuss it. You can also use it to test vocabulary understanding. I learned today that I can also use it to talk about writing.

Here’s what we did. Dr. Igloria asked each of use to write down one true statement about ourselves and one lie. I wrote, I have three sons, and I workout everyday. Even though I do not look like it, the second statement is true. Hey, I didn’t say I workout long and hard.

Anyway, she put all of our statements in a bag and read a few. We were asked to determine the fib and to identify who wrote the statement. While doing this she said things like, How do your minds work when we piece together a story? What is the credibility of the statement? Why do we lend our ear to certain statements? How does this activity suggest impressions or observations about how our minds gravitate toward story? How do our minds wrap around statements that might not be true, but we want to contextualize them?

Hey, how do you use the 2 Truths and a Fib activity?