Senile Talking Cat You Tube Video or July 13 at the SI

Today, at the Summer Institute, Christy asked us to look at the Senile Talking Cat video and create the conversation that could be going on between the cats. Here’s what I wrote:

The fussy cat: Why did you eat all of the mice? I told you to save some ‘cause Bill & Sherri are coming over tonight. Do you know how long it took me to catch those mice? I had to hang out around that crazy lady's house with the five dogs all last night. You know that one black dog with the hanging left jowl and the missing right eye? He tried to kill me just as I pounced on a nice juicy mouse. I didn’t let him get me though. I was too fast. Over the last few nights, I’ve been mouse-hunting so we can give Bill & Sherri a nice dinner while we watch the cat commercials on TV, and you go and get greedy on me. You have a lot of work to do. You better go mouse-hunting right now and be back in time for Bill & Sherri’s visit at 6:00pm.

Christy says teachers can use videos to spice up our journal prompts.

What would you have written? Take a look at the video: