Everything Sparks Writing, Even a Potluck at the SI

It’s 10:38pm and I am laboring over my piece for tomorrow’s potluck. Tiffany said we have to bring in a dish for lunch and a piece of writing that connects with it, revealing why the dish is important. No offense to cooks, but I find cooking boring. When I turn on the stove with the intentions of cooking, I end up reading or writing, only stopping when I smell smoke (I’m cooking fries) or when I hear a pan pop (I’m boiling eggs for tuna). So yes, I chose something I could manage: peanut butter and jelly. The funny thing is the thought of making this sandwich for the Fellows in the Summer Institute has brought back childhood memories that I want to write about. When I think peanut butter and jelly, I think Grandma’s house, Sunday afternoons, love, homemade jelly, and “You better eat that bread crust ‘cause it will make you pretty.” In other words, something as simple as PB&J is personal to me.

Now it’s 11:00pm and I haven’t made the first sandwich because I’ve been too busy writing (and looking in Immersed in Verse for poetry ideas). Oh, well, I guess I have to get up early and make the sandwiches. I wonder if the Fellows will be sore if I come in with my piece of writing, but I don’t bring the PB&J with me:)
I guess I’ll never find out.