Characters Who Write

Below is my effort to begin compiling a list of books for youth that include main characters who write. I welcome your help. Some people say these books, or  Mentor Texts, can be used to teach budding writers craft.

Anholt, Laurence. (2006). Seven for a Secret.
Ruby and her grandfather exchange letters about the changes in their lives.

Cleary, Beverly. (1983). Dear Mr. Henshaw.
Leigh Botts writes letters to his favorite author, Boyd Henshaw.

Muntean, Michaela. (2006). Do Not Open this Book.
A pig doesn’t want readers around until his story is complete.

Pulver, Robin. (2010). Thank You, Miss Doover.
Jack learns to revise.

Watt, Melanie. (2007). Chester.
The author wants to write about a mouse, but Chester has other ideas.
- - -. (2008).  Chester's Back!
Chester gets to write a story his way.

- - -. (2010). Chester's Masterpiece.
Chester has writer's block.

Woodson, Jacqueline. (2006). Locomotion.
Locomotion writes different forms of poetry.
- - -. (2009). Peace, Locomotion.
Locomotion writes letters to his sister.

Which books am I missing?