Yay! Teens Can Take Naps Too

All parents know the joy of naptime. From birth until about five, parents can say, “It’s naptime and Lil’ Z, at least in my case, will protest a little, but eventually give in, settle down, and drift off while I am reading him a story. Well, parents everywhere know that this all changes too soon for most of us. After age five, I tried telling Z to take a nap only to introduce strife and frustration into our otherwise peaceful home. On the days that I won the war, he’d nap and then not be able to go to sleep at bedtime which seemed like an awfully terrible price to pay. Before long, naptime was a distant memory.

That is until now! Parents, if you want your teen to nap, enroll him or her in some rigorous training program. That’s what happened to us. I walked into Z’s room two weeks in a row and found him in a self-induced naptime. I tiptoed out of his room and thought, how ironic! I settled into my recliner and enjoyed an hour of uninterrupted me time. Teen naps are great.