Z Edits the Newspaper

Z reads each of the four stories aloud and edits them. He plugs them into a PowerPoint Newspaper template and puts in pictures he thinks captures what life was like in Lord of the Flies.

Z: What do I put for the 3 boys dead story?

K: I don’t know. In the newspaper they put photos of the dead not their dead bodies.

Z: I’ve got it.

K looks over at the computer screen and sees a black eerie looking RIP.

K: Problem solved. I guess.

Z: What should I put for the story about the police officers questioning the boys?

K: British officers wore nice uniforms with pretty gold buttons.

Z: I found a picture of naval officers; I’m going with that.

K: What will you name your paper?

Z: British Newspaper.

K: Uh.

Z: That’s funny. It’s so lame. (He eventually named it The British Pilot.)

K looks up at the screen again.

K: Um, usually the reporter’s name is not larger than the title.

Z: Not in this paper.

At some point during Z’s process of finalizing his newspaper, K fell asleep. When she awakened, the paper was printed. It turned out OK; he earned a 99 and he says he was "stripped of his 100 because of an incorrect time period concerning the British Naval Picture."