Z's Corner

I've been gone from my corner for a long time but summer is over and I'm back. The last book I read was Youth in Revolt which also has a movie that I've never seen starring one of my favorite actors (Michael Cera). He's the awkward kid from the movie Superbad.
Anyhow Youth in Revolt is a very interesting story. It combines comedy, romance, and a little bit of mystery.  The main kid is originally a dork at the start. He takes a vacation and meets a girl that changes his life. Over the next couple of months he does whatever it takes to keep up with her as she is moving farther and farther away from him. He gets into a little legal trouble along the way for setting things on fire, theft, and grand theft auto. It was all good-natured and done ultimately to be with his girlfriend.
 He lives as a woman for months on end to evade cops. This part I do not approve of as much but his girlfriend knew the whole time and played along so that he did not get caught. He wrote everything that was happening in his life in a journal.  His mom and dad are divorced and he originally lives with his mom but tries to set his dad up with a job in his girl's city so he can move with his dad. The plan worked but then his girl went to some boarding school hours away. Over a long time he finds a way to reunite with her and be happy. ~~ZJ