K’s Learning at NCTE

I was on a panel at NCTE that was sponsored by CNV (Cultivating New Voices Among Scholars of Color) in celebration of its 10th year. The panel was so informative. I enjoyed hearing about early Latino writing traditions, about coaching students as they create digital texts, and about what happened when a researcher taught students how to celebrate their first language and argue for its use in school spaces. Here are some of the quotes from the panel, discussant, and audience:
  • "Tell people about the voices and experiences of young people."
  • "Young people have to be encouraged to ask why."
  • "Literacy is central to everything we do."
  • "Ask yourself what is already working, and do it!"
  • "What would it mean to redefine success and achievement?"
  • "What meaning do students assign to school experiences?"
  • "When you suppress discourse, you suppress identity."