Family Meeting in the Car

K: We’re going to have to have our meeting in the car today. We’ve got too much to do. The tire with the nail in it, the science project…

Z: OK, the meeting again.

K: Let’s go over old business. Put that technology away (Z has a PSP on one thigh and an I-Phone on the other and he keeps going from one to the other.).

Z: I have some business to report that’s on my I-phone. (He’s tallied his chores and how much money he’ll get for doing them.)

K: OK, new business. What was one thing I did well this week and one thing I could have done better?

K and Z discuss the highlights and the low points of their interaction during the week and the meeting is adjourned when they hop out of the car--Z to hug his X-box and K to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.