Teachers Rock!

Teachers helped bring The Coburn amendment #4697 to S. 510 to its knees. It was defeated!

I’ve got to get started on my thank you notes to my senators. Thanks for supporting the TWP.
Here’s the text of the Special Site Bulletin from the director of the National Writing Project:


Dear NWP Colleagues,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Coburn amendment #4697 to S. 510 was soundly defeated this morning in the Senate!

What an amazing collective effort from across the network. Also, thank you to friends, family members, and other organizations who weighed in on our behalf.

We hope that the next few weeks will bring a resolution to the FY11 budget. This note is thus both a heartfelt thank you for today and a gentle reminder that more work still lies ahead. For now, however, it is important to take a moment and reflect on what we were able to accomplish together.

It is because of your actions that we will be able to work together on new strategies in the months to come.

You are an incredible force for change.

With warm regards,
Sharon J. Washington

If you want to know more about the TWP, please e-mail me, khintonj@odu.edu and/or join our Facebook page.