Teen Plans a Movie Outing, Things Can Go Awry


Z: Mom, I want to go to a movie Saturday.

K: Who’s going?

Z: Couple of friends.

K: I want just a group of friends hanging out at a movie. Date later.

Z: OK.

K: What time does the movie start?

Z: 6:30pm.


K does not want to go to the movies. She wants to visit with her recliner. Maybe read. Maybe watch a DVD.

Z: Mom, which movie are you watching?

K: I don’t know.

K looks up the movie listings.

K: Hey, the movie you want to see is not playing at 6:30pm. Nothing is. Did you guys check the listing?

Z: Uh, yeah.

K told Z the available movies the group could watch and he selects one. Once at the theater, K gets in line to buy her ticket so as not to embarrass Z by her existence. Z sees one of his friends and stands far away from K to wait for the others.

K decides to leave thoughts of the recliner behind and enjoy the moment. Once inside the theater, she texts Z that she is about to watch Due Date. She takes off her coat and the phone falls underneath the seat in front of her, but she doesn’t know that. All she knows is that she looks in her coat pocket for the phone and it isn’t there.

She looks everywhere for it. The guy beside her calls the phone, but it’s on silent and they cannot find it. She is worried that Z might try to call her with a problem. She looks for Z but cannot find him. Once the movie is over, several people help her search for her phone.

When she finds it, she learns that Z did not go into the movie when she did. He said it was sold out and that he is just about to start watching Social Network instead. K is crushed. This means she has to wait over two hours until the movie ends.

She finds a bench in the mall and starts peer reviewing a manuscript. Ugh!

K gets revenge in the car when she spends the entire ride home talking about Zach Galifianakis.

Z: Ugh! Mom, don't tell me the whole movie.