The Thrill is Gone?

Z is done with his homework. He starts telling K about two quizzes he took (one on The Outsiders and the other in French).

He starts boasting that he knows so much French he’s beginning to think in the language.

Then he starts telling her jokes different students told in class.

Z is in a good mood.

Homework is done.

X-box time will be coming up soon.

Then K pops the question, well, command really:

K: Read for 30 minutes.

Z: No.

K: Yes. Do 30 minutes.

Z: I don’t want to read The Giver. I’m *80 pages in and it’s still boring.

K: Read this one. (She hands him Joseph’s Grace by Sheila P. Moses.) It’s a quick read. I read slowly, but I finished it quickly.

Z: OK.

30 minutes is up.

Z: I’m on page 40.

K: Told you it’s quick. What do you think?

Z: It’s quick, but nothing’s happening. I’m going to read a little longer.

K: Silence. (She is smiling, but he cannot see her.)

Z: Ha, ha, he works at Target.

K laughs at the sound of his voice coming through the wall.
She doesn’t ask why Joseph’s job at Target tickles him because it might break the reading spell he is under.

*Z didn’t begin to appreciate The Giver until he had read over 100 pages. Go figure!