Z's Corner

Joseph by Sheila P. Moses is a below average book. It is a quick and easy read. The plot is weak and it seems like the same thing is happening throughout. He talks about his mom's use of drugs and her negligence of him. His mother also uses Joseph to gain financial benefits from his father which is another example of poor parenting. She also puts bills in his name which ruins his credit before he even gets a job.

I read the second book, Joseph’s Grace, prior to reading this one so I already had a good background of the story. The first and second books are almost identical in my book, no pun intended. You don't learn anything you don't already know. We already know that drugs are bad for you and they ruin your life and that they ruined Joseph's mom's life. Joseph's dad and his aunt and uncle are the only ones really looking out for his best interest in both books. Joseph loves his mom too much to leave without being pushed or forced. Without his Uncle Todd, Aunt Shirley, and his father it would have been impossible to live a decent lifestyle. This book isn't very good in my opinion.

Disclaimer: Z and K wanted to read Joseph because they are both writing a review of the sequel, Joseph’s Grace, for a magazine. K borrowed Joseph from the library. The picture above shows the audiobook version, but K and Z borrowed the hardcover book.