My Life as a Book

In My Life as a Book, twelve-year-old Derek’s carefree summer is ruined by at least 6 things:

1. He’s dubbed a reluctant reader.

2. An overzealous mom who is a constant book-pusher.

3. Trumped-up charges for kidnapping a chimpanzee from his mom's veterinary office.
4. Learning camp. (Derek’s punishment for the alleged crime in #3.)

5. Reading strategies. (Derek’s teachers and camp leader teach him things like visualizing--ugh!)

6. A mysterious death. (Did Derek kill someone?)

The cartoons in the margins might appeal to Wimpy Kid fans, and the light-hearted, almost silly humor, will probably appeal to most young readers. Reluctant readers might identify with Derek and adopt his favorite pastime: Drawing pictures to help himself learn vocabulary words.

Disclosure: I asked the publisher if I could have a copy because I wanted to write about it here if I liked it.