Sassy: The Silver Secret

4th grader Sassy Sanford has a secret and she isn’t telling anyone, not even her best friend, Jasmine.

The 4th graders are going to put on the best musical ever. The boys will wear shiny vests and the girls have dresses that make them look like princesses.

All throughout the book, Sassy uses items in her Sassy sack to solve problems (for example, when the music teacher’s I-pod doesn’t work, Sassy pulls out batteries and tryouts resume, and when Mom locks the keys in the car, there is no need to worry. Sassy has spares in her bag.).

But she cannot use her Sassy sack to solve her problem: She wants to be a star, but doesn’t know how she’ll get her breakthrough. She can’t sing and she doesn’t dance. Will her secret get her a starring role in the program?

Disclosure: I am a Sharon M. Draper fan, and I have written about her and her work.