Z on Social Media in the Classroom

Z is on the table in the doctor’s office. He’s hoping he can toss the boot he’s wearing in the trash on the way out. I’m reading a book about digital literacy hoping the same thing. This is basketball season and having an injury is not the way we want him to spend it. Since we’re there and the doctor isn’t, I decided it was time to get Z’s take on digital literacy. He’s something of an expert. He has an I-phone, Facebook page, I-tune account, and he’s a dormant blogger (remember Z’s Corner?) and a webcam user.

K: What would you think if your teacher asked you to create a Facebook page for—what’s the protagonist in The Contender named?

Z: Albert.

K: Yeah, Albert. What would you think?

Z: Z frowns. Why would he do that?

K: To incorporate social media. To bring activities in the class you’re already engaged in.

Z: I don’t know. It wouldn’t be any different from the other weird stuff they have us do.

K: What about blog as if you are Albert? Wouldn’t that be fun!

Z: Z sends a text and then looks at me as if I don’t have a clue. No. It’s the same stuff they always have us do. Adding social media doesn’t change that. We already know how to use social media. Everyone just learns that as they go.

Dr. P knocks and then enters quickly. He looks at us both as if he thinks he interrupted something important or as if he needs to make sure he reminds me that I still haven’t lost the ten pounds I’ve been working on for a year, but he’s not sure how to bring that up since the appointment is really about Z.

Oh, yeah, and that boot? Let’s just say that if he ever gets it off, it will probably go into our trashcan at home.