Z's Corner

Hey, world! I recently read or *looked at this book Cool Robots by Sean Kenney. I didn’t know what to expect when I picked it up. I read and was very disappointed. There is no real plot or story it just shows different types of Lego robots and how to make some. It is terrible. Five minutes of my life was wasted. I’m sorry Mr. Sean Kenney, but five minutes of my life was wasted. I know it probably took you more time to write it.

The setting is Robotopolis. There are lots of pictures of robots made out of Legos. A little kid might say they’re cool. There is no real story. I would like it if it had a story and wasn’t just showing different types of robots that can be made out of Legos. It actually has directions for how to make some of the things like how to build a family of robots. My question is how did they build the house out of Legos. It shows how to build cars, robot bodies, and hovercrafts, too. So maybe it wasn’t really meant to be a story; it was just meant to show the things that are possible to do with Legos. This book is more for a younger age group and is not at all intended for 8th graders like myself. I may have thought it was a cool looking book at a younger age but would have only looked at the colorful pictures.

*I looked at it because there was no real plot and only one sentence a page. My mother suggested that I review it for the blog.