It’s Juicy

I’m in my room minding my own business, doing e-mail and such, when I hear sneaky, suspicious laughter. I ignore it because several important e-mails about money have been sitting in my inbox unanswered and I have to get to them ASAP. I have to stop though when Z skips into my room with laughter in his voice and says, “Mom, have you ever been reading a book and it gets to the juicy part and you just have to put it down? You can’t go on. You need a moment. You kind of glance down to see if what you think is about to happen is going to happen and then you close the book.”

I smile and nod my head and then I stop. Censormommy comes out and I start to wonder just what exactly is in this Ball Don’t Lie.

K: What page is it on? (I must check this page out later.)

Unsuspecting, Z runs to his room to check.

Z: Page 138.

K: What’s happening?

Z: I think this guy is going to get involved with his foster parent’s daughter. It’s all wrong but they’re not blood related. He thinks he’s going to be sent back to a home. Last time he was and it wasn’t his fault. This time he’s fourteen and it is.

Censormommy says I should have read that darn book cover to cover before I gave it to him. Z’s mom thinks, I will read the book and we will discuss what happened.

K: The book is that juicy?

Z: (Laughter.) “Yeah, mom.”

A few moments later I hear popcorn popping.

"Z, come here," I yell.

Z: Yes?

K: Come here and listen to this blog so you can approve it.

Z: Mom, I’m reading.

K: You’re going to read while you wait for the popcorn to pop?

Z: Yes.

K: Go ahead then.

Wait a minute, this is the same boy I coerced into reading last week. Now Censormommy and I are definitely suspicious. Yes, I’m up next with Ball Don’t Lie.