Sentence Building at the Summer Institute

This photo shows our work during the Summer Institute when L.R. taught us a sentence building lesson we can use with our students.

1. She gave each dyad note cards that contained a noun and a verb and 4 multicolored strips of paper.

2. The pink strip was labeled “How?”; the green one was labeled “When?”; the blue strip was labeled “Where?”; and the yellow one was labeled “Why?”

3. The noun and verb each team received formed a simple sentence such as "A monkey swung." so L.R. told everyone it was time for us to use our multicolored strips to add details to our simple sentence using the question on the strip. For example, since our green strip was labeled “When?,” O and I wrote "as the plump deer drew near"on it, hoping to spice up our simple sentence.
4. Then we used the phrases on the sentence strips to create different ways of writing sentences.

5. Finally, we chose the sentence we liked best and taped all of its parts together and hung it on the wall with the ones you see here.