Image Grammar Student Activity Book by Harry R. Noden

I think Stephen King (I'm listening to On Writing again) is responsible for this, or maybe it’s because I just bought about twenty book that Z has to have for freshman year and I figured someone should read them (Just Kidding!). Anyway, I just finished reading Image Grammar. By the looks of the first sentence above, I guess I need to reread it. Oh, well!

I liked the author’s method of paring grammatical instruction down to what he calls five brush strokes: using action verbs, absolutes, appositives, participles, and adjectives out-of-order.

Noden uses short excerpts from everything from novels and speeches to popular movies and advertisements, and students are asked to imitate the demonstrated technique. The technique of zooming in on a noun and a verb will be useful to students.

I got lost trying to use the templates, but I’m sure good teachers know what to do with them.

I wonder what students think of the “Shalersville University Occupational Inventory of Grammatical Knowledge.” The quiz made me want to learn more about how to teach the "status producing" twenty or so common grammatical errors. Who knows, if I teach them, I might be able to boost my inventory ranking to the $200,000 and above level. If only my earnings would reflect that….