Z Prepares for Hurricane Irene

We took hurricane preparation seriously in our house. We prayed and took every precaution we were aware of, but I did notice that Z and I interpreted hurricane preparedness differently.

I did the routine stuff (he helped of course), stocked toiletries and nonperishable items, went from store to store looking for D batteries, secured lawn furniture and trash bins, and so on. 

  • charged the iphone, iPod, and PSP;
  • downloaded new movies to the I-phone;
  • located favorite DVDs in case the cable went out;
  • made sure games were ready to go in the PSP; and
  • updated his playlist on the iPod.

Then he just waited with his fingers poised to start tapping on any one of his gadgets the moment the power went out.

After mentioning it to a friend, we wondered about how other teens prepared. I’d love to hear your stories.