Nook, my new best friend

I did it! I snuggled up with my Nook last night. I bought a pretty purple cover that I’m drawn to. (Maybe I like purple; my minidell bag is purple too.) I let the Nook read a picture book to me. Of course, I didn’t realize I had to turn the pages myself. Since it read to me and cut off when I fell asleep, I automatically thought it would do everything. (JOKE)  When I awoke, I started reading this book I got from the secret web site about becoming rich. 

Through all of this, the strangest thing happened: Now I’m going to travel with the Nook. Instead of leaving it at home and taking my minidell, I’m taking the Nook. 

Maybe I’m changing or maybe I just have a new toy. Instead of traveling with the back issues of The Writer and Success that I haven’t had the time to read, maybe I should try to access them via the Nook. I will be upset if I can’t get a good internet connection at the airport or in the hotel. Should I be worried about this? Tech experts, please help me.