Picture Books & Older Readers?

Using picture books with teens (and adults) might sound strange to some, so here are two quotes that might offer a rationale for doing so.
“Some books in the children's literature market are meant to be read and enjoyed by a wide diversity of ages; adults are not offended if children's literature is used as long as appropriate titles are chosen and they are presented carefully; benefits are expanded opportunities for student comprehension and enjoyment, suitability of picture books to short periods of instruction, and wide availability of books; and since books are available in the science, social studies, reading, and writing skills, children's informational books are a wonderful way to introduce concepts, demonstrate a point, or provide information to supplement textbooks.”  Patricia Bloem, “Bringing Books to Adult Literacy Classrooms

Debra Schneider, a history teacher, “uses picture books to supplement the U.S. history curriculum for her 11th graders because such books communicate a lot of basic information in a concise way.” Mary Ann Zehr, “Reading Aloud to Teens Gains Favor Among Teachers,” Education Week

The photo above is from wikimedia commons.
"Electronics Technician 2nd Class Joshua Nyegard, assigned to USS Nevada (SSBN 733), reads a children’s book to his kids during a United Through Reading (UTR)"