Tired of Teaching?

Photo from flickr

Setting: Church fellowship hall after service

I am chatting with my mom when retired teacher Mrs. Peoples comes over with a huge smile on her face. She starts talking about teaching.

She wasn’t my elementary school teacher, and I was quite envious of her students, even though I remember all of my own teachers fondly.

Anyway, we talk about Mrs. Peoples’ retirement after thirty years, and she says, “I still get up early. I say, ‘Just let me hear a bus, Lord.’ I want to act like I’m still going to school, going to teach.”

She turns her attention to me, “How many years do you have now?”

“Well, this is my seventh at O, but I had a few more before coming here.”

“Oh, you’re just getting started, then.” She smiles, and her face says, trust me, but her mouth says, “Listen, just have fun with it. Go in there and have fun.”

I smile because I’m happy and because hers is so infectious. “I will Mrs. Peoples. I will.”

And, you can, too.