Writing Practice

Before we get married I want to tell you this. You my wife before and after it. Life isn't easy; old folks still haven't mastered it. I changed, oh, I swear I changed. Sometimes you look at me like I’m still the same. Only myself to blame. I made mistakes, I bumped my head. I made a better Way to get ahead. Hope I don't sell out, lose the desire. Lose the fire. That burns as I write. When I'm all alone after I've said good night. I just might. Be the best at it. Just compare me with the best at it. Emotion filled theatre. Tune into my poetry it gets weirder. Believe it gets deeper than the ocean. Start a riot cause commotion. Go crazy sip the potion. The right times give me the notion. To write these scriptures. And paint these pictures.~~Z.J.