Not your typical list of books for summer reading

Z has to read Fahrenheit 451, Great Expectations , and  A Wizard of Earthsea. I consider myself an English language arts teacher, so I adore these titles, but this list from The Chicago Tribune sounds exciting.

As I clicked from page to page, I thought about the titles Z and I have read or written about. Z was in middle school or younger when he enjoyed these books. (Check the Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database at your university library for excellent reviews of the titles mentioned . You can also try the database on their web site.)

Z liked

"One Crazy Summer" by Rita Williams-Garcia (ages 9-12)

"Yolonda's Genius" by Carol Fenner, illustrated by Raul Colon (ages 8-12)

"So You Want to be President?" by Judith St. George, illustrated by David Small (ages 6-8)

K Wrote about (via reviews and/or in the new edition of Young Adult Literature)

"Trash" by Andy Mulligan (ages 12-15)

"Ship Breaker" by Paolo Bacigalupi (ages 12+)
"Moon Over Manifest" by Clare Vanderpool (ages 9-12)

"Sorta Like a Rock Star" by Matthew Quick (ages 12+)

"Hip Hop Speaks to Children" edited by Nikki Giovanni (ages 9-12)

I would have loved to have seen books by Jacqueline Woodson, Angela Johnson, Carole Boston Weatherford, Allison Whittenberg, An Na, Sharon M. Draper, and Sharon G. Flake on the list.
Z has read and enjoyed many books by these authors, so the young readers in your life might enjoy them too.