Z's Corner

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Lately, in Theology class, we’ve been talking about the 10 commandments and how they tie to issues of morality.
When you talk about issues of morality, it seems that current and past events where morality was in question come up often. I think that’s the most interesting part of class to me.
I like to voice my opinion on subjects because unlike many people in private schools I have developed my own views on many things and don’t just adopt my views from my parents.
The thing I’ve adopted from my parents is the ability and choice to develop my own beliefs and opinions on certain things.
Multiple Interpretations
I like to talk about certain issues in society because I like to see how many different ways people can take one thing. There are so many interpretations on different subjects out there, and I like to hear as well as be heard.

As long as people speak with maturity and with a purpose, I don’t judge or become frustrated with another person’s opinion on a given issue.
It depends on what the issue is though.
Whether or not it’s a race thing has a big effect on how I would react to certain things.
If it’s a political thing, for the most part, I wouldn’t become upset with the way Republicans are speaking because I’m used to how inconsiderate and ignorant they can be because I’ve been in private school for so long now.
That’s not to say that Democrats can’t be ignorant either. I’ve heard some pretty ignorant things said on both sides. Anyway, I digress. I think it’s cool that so many people are in one place talking about the same thing in a civilized nature and seeing both sides through conversation.


 P.S. Why do I even have to take a theology class?  Ahahaaa