Football this week

Football went pretty good. I felt it could have gone better though. On Monday, I had practice and lifted weights and caught a few balls for about 30 minutes.

Then on Tuesday I’ll admit I got sort of lazy and skipped for the day.

But at least earlier that day I went to the library and got some community service hours in.
It’s really boring and there are never any girls my age there or anyone my age there for that matter.
 I guess young people don’t read. I’m supposed to be going to the library everyday this summer to achieve the goal set by my school to get 100 hours of community service.
 I won’t get into that too much because I’ve already told you guys how much I dread that.

On Wednesday, I had passing league at Ocean Lakes High School, which is basically where a bunch of high schools play 7 on 7 and practice to get better. I didn’t do as well as I would have liked, but today I lifted really hard and I plan on working Monday and Tuesday of next week to perform much better on next Wednesday.
These 7 on 7s are huge for me as far as progress is concerned, and I can’t afford to waste opportunities like I did last week. Luckily for me it’s still very early and the season is a ways off.
I have to make every day from here on count though. I can’t afford to have more days like I did on Tuesday but this is what life is about.
You live and learn from the choices you make.
I have to make the choice to want to be better to get better.