Z: Ah, mom I don’t want to read on.

K: Why? What’s going on?

Z: It’s because I’m at the part where the girl is about to find out it was all a dare. I know it’s downhill from here.

K: What do you think she’s going to do or say?

Z: I don’t know. That’s why I must read it.

K: What is Played about?

Z: A really cool group called the FBI is in this high school. To get in, you have to do these challenges. They tell Ian that he has to do something inappropriate with a girl they pick. She finds out it was a dare. She gets mad. He tries to prove to her that he likes her for real, but she says she doesn’t like him anymore. He keeps trying and at the end she changes her mind.


I had been waiting all morning for Z to say something about Played. I knew he stayed up the night before to finish it, so I was hoping he’d bring it up. He waited until he was on the doctor’s examination table to mention the book. While the doctor taped wires to his chest (He had to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours, but he’s fine.), he wanted to chat about books.

Z: The ending was bad. There were so many things that were unresolved.

K: What happened?

Z: Kylie picked up the phone and said, “Hello?” That’s how it ended.

K: What do you think happened? Who do you think she called?

Z: Ian. She called Ian, but it doesn’t tell what happened after she says hello to him. I think she will go back with Ian.

K: Oh.

Z: All of her (Dana Davidson) books have the same plot. (He laughs.) In the beginning the character doesn’t really want the person, but then they get to know them and then start liking them, and then they find out the truth, and the guy has to make the girl like him again.

K: I wonder if she (Dana Davidson) has another book.

Z: If she does, I ain’t gonna lie, I’d read it. (He laughs.) Even though they have the same theme, they’re still real good.